Stephanie N.

I never tried hypnotherapy before I called Jada. I was at the end of my rope and would try anything to help me with my eating disorder that I had for a year. I was very determined to over come my problem and started running, doing yoga, writing, meditating, saw a shrink once a week… even came clean with my boy friend. I had just three sessions with Jada and I was better. The compulsive eating was gone. I simply just ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. She explains how the unconscious mind works and takes her time with you to understand what your going through. Its remarkable and I’m so grateful I found someone who cares and is excellent at what they do.

John D.

Jada is one of the best Hypnotherapists in Los Angeles. I have been struggling with diet, exercise and motivation for a few years now and finally decided to give hypnosis a try. From the very first session I experienced results. Jada makes you feel comfortable from the get go and it feels like you are talking to a friend as opposed to being in a clinical setting. Jada also helps me with my dietary questions which is an added bonus to the therapy session. Don't wait like I did, make that first step and give Jada a call.

Heather C.

I've been coming to Jada for various things over the past 4 years; I've come to her before public speaking, after a breakup and during a big career transition. She's helped me get past anxiety and old patterns I was ready to let go of. It's also really helpful that she teaches you some self hypnosis tools you can use in between sessions and has some great audios you can listen to as well.

Shabnam P.

I've been hypnotized many, many times and Jada is by far one of my favorite hypnotherapists. She helped me when I was studying for board exams, to alleviate the stress and  anxiety of studying. Any time I become of aware of a pattern in my life that I want to alter and change, and am unable to break on my own, Jada has been of immense help. I can't thank Jada enough for her help, insight and lovely voice.

Anissa V.

This was my first time using hypnotherapy, and Jada was wonderful at explaining the process.  My time with Jada has made a difference in my life.

Jene J.

Jada is fantastic at what she does. She is great at listening to your concerns and helps you to process your thoughts. I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Jeremy S.

My session with Jada was very educational and always optimistic. I was having trouble making decisions. To send me near the position of sway I desired, she very carefully showed me my true self using calming elements of mysterious precision. A helpful experience!

Nicole T.

Working with Jada is a wonderful experience, her understanding and connection to the human brain, it's mechanics, impulses and the human psyche are clear and concise. She treats each client with the utmost care and compassion. Her approach leaves you with a feeling of serenity giving you the tools to find and maintain a stabilizing sense of balance and calm within yourself.

Mark B.

In North Oakland in 1990 I was mugged off of the beloved bicycle that I rode to work in Berkeley every day. I stopped riding after that incident. When I bought my first house in 2006 I also bought a new bike to commute between home and the train station. That new bike sat in the garage for 2 years as I made every excuse in the world not to ride it.

Realizing that the problem was tied to that earlier trauma, I went to see Jada and try hypnotherapy. The next morning I rode my bike to the train station and have done so countless times since.

Eric K.

In a time of turbulence and trouble, Jada's hypnotherapy helped me weather the storm. She was understanding, intuitive and professional. Expand your horizons, give her a call.

Sarah M.

Jada helped me quit smoking and I am so grateful! I had been to 2 other hypnotherapists with no lasting results. She really knows what she's doing and I would recommend her to anyone.

Jacob S.

I am 88 years old and have had several sessions with Jada, after each session I feel refreshed, relaxed and my life feels renewed.

Monica D.

I have found Jada's hypnotherapy techniques for sleep invaluable, I use them everyday.

Alissa S.

I was skeptical about hypnotherapy but Jada does and excellent job of explaining the logic behind why it actually works.